SSB vs AT (the first 6 weeks)

I’ve religiously started with SSBMV in October in past years going into the winter, but this year I’m doing the AT with Plan Builder. The first 6 weeks of this are similar in structure to SSB, so I’m quite eager to see the results of my ramp test after this first 6 week block.

I don’t feel like I’m doing as much as previous years, but i guess this is because AT is getting to know me and starting me off on an easier footing.

I know a lot of others TR users start a similar process in October so just wondering if anyone already has any year on year comparisons of themselves of the results of the SSB plans vs AT (providing it’s offering you a base program).

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The plans changed in February ((March?) and that was done independent of AT. That is likely why you feel it’s easier.

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If you are starting back on TR after some time off, it may have started you at 1.0 for everything, in which case I’d manually select harder alternates for some workouts.

I did the same as the 1.0 were laughably easy, and selecting something that was doable, but a few levels up got it much closer to accurate for me right away.

Now if you’ve been on TR the last few months still, it should already have your progression from workouts the last months and this would not be an issue.

I am seeing better results already, and more consistent challenge.