SSB LV 2 > SSB LV 1? [Made a mistake in hindsight?]

Hello everyone,

I have been training for 5 weeks using Plan Builder, and I chose the “Advanced” level since I have 3 years of experience with structured training through TrainerRoad. My goal is to get faster and prepare for the outdoor season, and my plan consists of Sweet Spot Base LV 2, General Build LV, and Rolling Road Race LV.

I started the season after a two-week off-season break with an untrained FTP of 267. I completed SSB LV 2 and I am currently in recovery week. After using AI FTP detection, I was happy to see a 10W FTP increase, bringing it up to 276W. My highest FTP was 311 in 2020 during the start of my specialty phase, and I hope to break the 300W barrier this year.

At the beginning of SSB LV 2, I had unrealistic expectations of how much volume I could handle. I was riding 8 to 10 hours per week last year and wanted to continue at that level. However, it took me four weeks to realize that I am not as fit as I was last summer, and I needed to adjust my expectations. It took some time for me to get comfortable with Zwift endurance rides and the surges that come with them.

I would like to dedicate one more training block to base phase before moving on to the build phase. I am wondering if I should repeat SSB LV 2 or do SSB LV 1. If I choose SSB LV 1, I will miss out on VO2 max workouts, but they will be included in the build phase. I would like to increase my muscular endurance and average speed, and expand my endurance zone 2 power range. Can I achieve this through exclusively working on threshold and sweet spot (SSB LV 1) or a mix of VO2 max, sweet spot, and threshold (SSB LV 2)?

Thank you.

I think its fine to do SSBV1, you don’t want to be doing doing V02 for extended blocks as you’ll see diminishing returns and increase likelyhood of burnout.

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Yeah… it is low volume but not low intensity (lol). I am not looking forward to a burnout too soon and the season is quite long!