Srampagnolo anyone? Convert 1x11 to 1x13

Interesting upgrade I’m considering to get better spacing with my 1x11 groupset.


Thanks for thread. I saw it in another post and thought it an interesting option too.


missed that post, trying to figure out freehub options for all my wheels now

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I don’t really get this unless you are trying to a full 10-44t setup. The 9t or 10t cogs aren’t really useful. Hell, 11t isn’t really that great. I guess it’s got better road spacing than SRAM’s 10-44t x 12

Rotor 12sp 11-46t is cheaper (since no freehub), lighter, and has better gear spacing than either.

I’ve got the Rotor 11-39t, which is a bit jumpy dropping to a faster (outward) cog. The road gears are spaced better than the even the more compact SRAM 10-36 (12) or 11-36 (11) and is silky smooth otherwise.

I haven’t crunched any gearing numbers, but would hope that you can potentially snug up the right side of the cassette to more gradual steps, while still having the same range. Ideally make all the steps a tad smaller and giving more control on cadence options.

Not useful in what way? Doesn’t that depend on how you size your chainring? I currently run 42x11-40 and thinking I’d try 38x10-44. Wanting a bit more low end. Also not sure why you are comparing it to rotor and sram directly in terms of price because it still significantly cheaper than a whole groupset.


Tempting if they made large chainrings. I’d run this on my road bike with a 50-52

Not useful? I use my 10-tooth cog all the time. I have no use for the non-existent 9-tooth cog, though :wink:

It isn’t about tooth count, it is about gear ratios — and how you realize them doesn’t matter. (Yes, I am aware that smaller cogs are less efficient, but IMHO that is a marginal gain and not as important as people make is out to be for most riders.)

I love the gearing of Rotor cassettes. The 10-39 cassette has identical gearing as SRAM’s 10-33 cassette, just with a 39-tooth cog added to it. I really like larger gear jumps at the climby end of the cassette. I was thinking of replacing my 10-36 cassette by an 11-39 cassette, but in the end, I don’t think it is worth the financial investment: I’d need a new freehub body, an expensive Rotor cassette and a new chain ring. Plus, I am not sure how well my Force Wide rear derailleur will cope with the extra teeth. (It will probably be just fine.)

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The science says that my 9t cog on my Ekar group is not efficient - but I can’t say I notice anything in real life. Great to have it there so I’m not spinning out when I take it on a road group ride but don’t tend to use it often.

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On my bike (1x12, 42-tooth chain ring, 10-36 cassette), I use the smallest cog only as an overdrive gear. And then efficiency typically isn’t that important. The 11-tooth cog sees very little use as that is in gear ratio no-man’s land.


I use Sram 12s conversion kit from Ratio Technology with eagle derailleur and it’s fine.

Now what I see, something perfect for a rim-brake road bike! However, there is one thing.

Does anyone know if there are aftermarket 13s cassettes instead of Ekar ones? I found only some Chinese MTB cassettes. I mean - something that fits XD/XDR/Microspline freehub, not that rare campy one.

I was working/talking to Ratio tech in February about this 13 speed upgrade and had the opportunity to test it for them and politely declined.

I did this because as of right now only the Ekar cassette is available (within reasonable cost of conversion) - I didn’t want to convert my wheels and then change over to a super piggy cassette. We are talking 155grams between the cassettes alone on my bike and the racer in me screams no way haha.

When Garbaruk manufactures a cassette on a XD or Shimano body I will probably convert then but in hindsight when asked to test it I didn’t want a campy chain or cassette…

I find a 10T to be a great bailout or OD gear, I think that 13-speed can be amazing especially for someone like me who rides 1x on every bike they own.

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There are the Rotor 13 speed cassettes. I would assume they would work, but I’m not 100% sure if the spacing is different or something. 13 Speed Cassette | Rotor America


I discussed this with Ratio and they stated that the Rotor cassette was not compatible at the time with it. I would also like to mention that Rotor cassettes are astronomical in price IMO.

Its not that I cant afford it, im just sick of the unreasonable pricing on some bike stuff.

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Thanks for that info! Yeah, I’m with you, a cassette shouldn’t cost $475, although I am impressed that it’s lighter than an XX1 eagle cassette with another gear.

Yea I might have to go with the ratio 12speed option. The prices are insane for cassettes. For me it wouldnt be for raving but for gravel bike conversion in the offseason so don’t want to spend too much

The 12 speed option is much more useful, especially for a gravel bike, the road 12 speed option is much more niche. For gravel, you can us an NX eagle cassette (which is quite affordable), a GX eagle derailleur, and 11 speed shifters and you’re good to go.

You could also use a garbaruk cage and cassette with your existing RD and not need to run a special chain or buy certain RD etc.

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