SRAM cassette spacing on Wahoo Kickr Core

Hey there,

We’ve put my brother’s Canyon Inflite on my “old” Kickr Core (2020?). Unfortunately, he cannot shift in the smallest cogs (biggest gears).

The bike has a 142mm thru axle and comes with a pair of (OEM?) DT Swiss wheels with a SRAM 11-36 11-speed cassette on it. I put the 11-28 SunRace 11-speeed cassette that came with my Kickr 5 on the Core. Now, The spacing from the frame/trainer contact point to the smallest cog is smaller, the cassette further out when the bike is on the trainer compared to the rear wheel. As a result, he can’t use the 11 tooth cog and the next up is also noisy. The thru-axle adapters seem to be installed correctly and the bike basically mounted itself without undue force and with no lateral play.

I will ask my brother to take a couple of pictures (there’s not much to see though), but does any of you have had a similar issue? Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Adjusting the rear derailleur every time he puts the bike on the trainer or the rear wheel back is a no-go.

I only ever had my road bike with a classic 130mm QR and a 10-speed cassette on the Core and never had to adjust anything when moving it from road to trainer use. My impression is that the spacing on the DT hub is weird (which is funny as I also have DT hubs, but they are conventional 350s, no OEM stuff).


Did you adjust the cable tension and/or the Rd limits? Almost every change in wheels or trainer will have a mismatch. While there are standards the reality is that it never works perfectly for all cases. Shouldn’t need more than a turn or two


Did you remember to leave the spacer off behind the cassette ? (its needed for 10sp but not 11).


No, this is exactly what we want to avoid. I never had to adjust my rear derailleur when changing bikes on the trainer not even when switching between MTB and road bike on an Elite Turno. The road bike on and off the Wahoo trainers has never been an issue either. I probably need to consider myself lucky then :smiley:

@NickL Sure, but that was my first idea as well.

Unfortunately not. The spacing of that particular wheel is curious. I have no problem whatsoever with DT 's 350, 240 and Spline 1501 hubs.