Sprint training do you mash or built up to the mash?

This question pertains to non standing start or slow roll drills… Just a good ol regular sprint training.

Do you guys built up the power or push the pedals 100% from the start?

Say if you’re starting from 20mph then stick the cog to the 13-14 range, do you start your sprints at “instinctually” at 90% and build that speed and cadence for like 2-3 sec then go as hard as possible?
Is it more important to get that peak jump at the start or the quicker acceleration in the middle of the sprint?

Also I don’t feel like I need to swing the bike until around 110+ range, my upper body is usually super tight that if I swing I feel like im loosing momentum. Thoughts?

All depends what kind of sprint training you’re doing…

To build power, I’ll slow to around 8mph and then in 53/17 jump as hard as possible for 15 - 20 secs. For leg speed I’ll jump as hard as possible for the same time in the same year but from around 18mph.

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