Sports drink dropping into bottom bracket area

Anyone have any tips for preventing this?

Frequently my drink runs out the bottle and down the bike into bottom bracket area.

Can’t be good for the bike…

Ride your bike. Clean your bike. Service your bike. It happens.

If sports drink runs down there, then so does soap and water.

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If your bottom bracket is sealed properly, if you stay up on maintenance and clean your bike. You don’t have anything to worry about. If you don’t do any of that then maybe you should worry about it.



Get better bottles (ones with “heart valve” seals or similar) and/or make sure you close the valve between uses.


Umm… we had beer hand-ups on a ride yesterday. My bottom bracket is now coated with sweat, Budweiser, and road grime. Life goes on.

(I’m in the front there, at about 4000’ of a 5000’ day. The Bud was gross, but hey, I’m a born-and-bred St. Louis boy. At 90+ degrees outside, anything tastes good.)

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Is this happening to you frequently? If so, I’d buy better bottles. I do have this happen very rarely, but definitely not on every ride. I use the Polar insulated bottles with the removable (cleanable) nozzles.



I basically only use Camelbak bottles now (both insulated and regular). No leaking around the threads and the valves are arguably the best in the category.


Yup, Camelbak are among my favorites while the Purist bottles with the “Watergate” valve are a close 2nd.