Spindown callibration on Wattbike Atom

Hi guys

I cannot seem to find how to do a spindown callibration through the TR app with the Wattbike Atom? Am I being dim - or does this machine not need the callibration process?


The Wattbike Atom comes factory calibrated. It does not require a spindown calibration :slight_smile:

That will be why then :grinning:

However can I just press on a little. On the podcast (love it and yes I have given 5* review) I am pretty sure the guidance has been to run the spins down calibration pretty much every session, during the recovery gap between the
warm up and intervals…

Does that therefore not need to be done at some point on the atom? Are we trusting that the atom doesn’t lose calibration over time?

The advice on calibration is a cover-all. It applies to the majority of trainers in use.

However, there are exceptions. The Tacx Neo trainer models do not offer calibration. Their new Neo Bike, the Wahoo Kickr Bike and your Atom don’t need calibration (once set in the factory).

These units use a resistance design that doesn’t need regular calibration. That resistance design is not used everywhere. As such, most other resistance unit designs DO require calibration at some schedule.

Typical rule of thumb, but not always correct

  1. Wheel-on trainers (like Wahoo Kickr Snap, Saris M2, Tacx Vortex, etc.) Should be calibrated each and every ride.

  2. Well-off trainers (like Wahoo Kickr, Saris H3, etc.) Should be calibrated roughly every 2-3 weeks, or when it is moved to a place with different environmental conditions.

Perfect. Thanks :blush:

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