Spencer + 2 with a cold


I have a cold, is it ok to do spencer + 2? Not feeling great though.


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This is a case of risk out weighing the reward, do pettit or andrews instead and focus on getting rid of the cold as quickly as possible.

High intensity work will compromise your immune system immediately after the sessions and you are unlikely to be performing at your optimal level anyway. This is how you start digging a hole you can’t get out of.

You won’t lose much by doing zone 2 instead of intensity anyway, and doing light to moderate exercise could be beneficial or at least not make your cold worse.

Obviously if you feel really bad and lethargic just go and lie down instead.


Mods, can we rename this title to “Spencer + Achoo” please. We need to uphold standards here.


And should I skip spencer + 2 and try tomorrow if I’m feeling better? Next training of my SBB2 low volume is on Friday.


the old adage is you can ride the cold out if it’s in your head, but if you feel sick neck or below, don’t ride.

it’s hard for us to remember that riding is stress on the body…said differently, it wont help us recover from sickness. best to take a day or two of rest, get back to 100%, and then crush the workouts.

you don’t want this to linger around.

i’ve also found Cold Eeze or Zinc tablets to work well for myself and friends.

good luck!

I would definitely not do any variation of Spencer with a cold. I would be looking at taking an off day to focus on resting up, or do Pettit at the most.

If you have to ask, IMO you should ride easy or not at all.

VO2 + cold never works for me. Just digs a deeper hole. Do an easy aerobic bike if you have to ride otherwise take a day off. Spencer will always be waiting for you.

Spencer +2 is an absolute killer and I can only finish it if I’m rested, healthy, and have everything going my way that day.

And should I pospone the next trainings a few days, or do I skip them? I only have this week left followed by the last, calm week of ssbII low volume.

Spencer and the versions of it are the only workouts that I have had to re-attempt. 3 min @ 120% is just so damn hard, even on a good day!

There’s nothing wrong with dropping the intensity percentage down a bit. As long as you’re above 110% you’re still well within VO2 range. I would drop them down to 115% of FTP and see how the first interval feels. No reason to postpone unless you’re sick, injured, or unable to ride.

He is (was) sick. That’s why he posted in the first place. From the first post:

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