Spencer +2 and Leconte Question

So I did these workouts last week. In the Spencer +2 I had to take a 10 second break once and in the Leconte I had to take a 20-30 second break 2 or 3 times (forgot) in order to get through. My power numbers and cadence were very good throughout both workouts doing it this way. Is this the worst thing in the world to do what I did? First time in my almost 12 weeks I had to do anything like that. Really enjoyed Pettit today after the last few weeks lol.

Just fine. Those are accepted bailouts and did little to degrade the benefits from the workouts.

For reference:

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That’s perfectly normal. Any over-under or pyramid style workouts are incredibly tough, both mentally and physically.

I always advise people to come to them well rested and over-fueled in carbs.