Speciality training plan

Hi. I’m a UK time triallist who competes in 10,25,50 and 100 mile TT’s but my specialty is the 50’s and 100’s. I would like to use a TrainerRoad plan for the specially phase but am unsure which to follow. Any suggestions? I’ve been looking at the 40k TT and also the half distance triathlete plans but not sure if either are suitable?

A path to consider –

Start with Trad Base High Volume I-II-III, then move to Full Distance Tri Build.

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Sustained Power Build into Century Specilization is also viable.

Hi, I have the same issue and have been giving it some consideration, my focus is on the mid distances 25/50, previously I did low volume SSB I, II, Sustained power build and 40k TT speciality in addition to one day in the velodrome + sunday club run. This worked great for 25s but not so good for the 50. This year I have changed to mid volume plans (swapping workouts for time in velodrome and Sunday club run as appropriate) but also thinking of changing the 40k speciality to the Century plan. Interested to hear views on this, will definitely look at the tri plan, my primary focus for 2019 is the 50tt, based in Scotland.

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