Speciality plan for Indoor Velodrome Track League?

I have 8 weeks to train for the start of an indoor velodrome track league at Derby Arena and I’d like to know which specialty plan to follow.

The race series is 10 weeks with 4 x 15-20 minute (approx) races every Tuesday night at 7pm.

Races are generally a mixture of threshold and anaerobic efforts. I’m stepping up to the top group for next year.

I’ve just completed SS base Mid and Short power build mid volume.

Last year I did SS base Mid, Short Power Mid, then Crit Specialty plan but I’m wondering if this plan has race efforts that are longer than my target races. Would sort track MTB work better or a bespoke plan?

A following question would be how to maintain fitness during the series of 10 weeks - I do a steady long ride the day after then have 3 more training opportunities before Tuesday comes round again. How can I keep fitness and freshness over the series?

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