SPB mid vol week 6 at the last training session

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I finished SPB mid vol week 6 at the last training session. Eclipse +3 decided to hold a test race on the race track, to my surprise, I noticed that after the U-turn, I still couldn’t improve my speed. With what it can be connected ? If I understand correctly after such trainings, my speed should at least increase a little? The segment Strava | Run and Cycling Tracking on the Social Network for Athletes My height is 189 cm weight 88 kg Race TT 15 km

I’m not sure what you’re asking here exactly. Speed has numerous variables to contend with, so I wouldn’t necessarily use that as a gauge to determine improvement in fitness. Unless you are saying you used an indoor track and you have plenty of previous data to compare with.

Also, at the end of a Build plan (before a recovery week) you are likely the most fatigued you’ll ever be. You just put your body through 7 grueling weeks of training, so your body needs to recover to realize those fitness adaptations. This may take 1-2 weeks depending on your personal recovery.