SPA CYCLES Wayfarer Bent Frame

Damn these stairs!! I bent my Wayfarer’s frame quite a lot. It’s pretty visible. I wish I could show a picture here but it’s currently rotting in a friends storage unit. Now, what I seek from you guys is some advise. Should I try to ‘unbend’ the frame myself at home or should I take it to a repair shop? Mind you there is no issue so far while riding. It just looks bad to me.

  1. Bent frame.
  2. Quite a lot.
  3. No issue so far while riding.
  4. Horrible stairs, apparently.
  5. Storage unit.
  6. Rotting.

There’s just so much to unpack here.

Where exactly is this bend on the frame?

Despite the steel frame, and re-bending being possible, i would take it to a shop regardless.