Some thoughts on this week's racing

I think Lionel Sanders proved he’s not just a Robot Diesel triathlete by out-strategizing both the analog and the digital pros. And, of course, he is a Robot Diesel so once he got the gap he was gone.

Unless it was just temporal aliasing, I think GVA held 450-500 watts for the last third of that race. Seems like every time the focus was on his avatar he was doing ~500W. Holy conservation of mass & energy, batman, somebody check his equipment!

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GVA and Nico Roche’s power for Flanders. Big numbers but only a 40min race and judging by the sprint, they were on fumes at the end.

Context is important for sure.

For some additional context, everybody go to their trainer this evening. Set it to 430 watts. See how long you can hold it.


GVA averaged that for about 45 minutes. That’s amazing in & of itself. But I’m just saying for the last 15 minutes of that ride it seemed like he was holding 500W very often.