Some Polarised Training Plan feedback

I’m enjoying the polarised training.

Maybe because it is change from the Sweet spot, however, I think this may suit me. An interesting aspect is that the low intensity endurance sessions are just as difficult as the high Intensity intervals but for very different reasons.

After months of sweet spot, the low intensity is very low! So low, one has to really concentrate on staying in the zone. You can’t take your eyes of the computer.

The high intensity intervals, are the opposite, just bloody hard work :slight_smile: So, likewise you can’t take your eyes of the computer to keep the intensity on target. So far they have been long intervals at FTP for 8+min repeats, or well above FTP for 2-3 min repeats, the last repeat is really hard work.

I’m currently doing most of the low intensity workouts outdoors. That creates its own issues. Maintaining accurate intensity is harder due to environmental changes, but makes it interesting, and in an instant your exertion can shoot up with just a slight incline or breeze, etc. TR implies that Outdoor version of some sessions typically end up with a lower TSS. So, far I’m finding the opposite, my averages are typically a little above target.

@Nate_Pearson As these Polarised sessions are in Trial mode for TR, it got me thinking about the value of my input. Let me explain. I don’t use a Power meter, hence, use Estimated FTP indoors and using my Wahoo with RPE and HR outdoors. I have done a couple of the low intensity indoors using FTP, but also recorded them on my Wahoo to get some realistic comparison of HR based exertion. The data that Wahoo relays back to TR currently has to come via Strava (not my preference, but TR and Wahoo have yet to sort out a two way download/upload process). The data that appears on my TR record, may not be sufficient for the required TR Trial.

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