Soccer refereeing

This is a slightly random question related to the way TR tracks runs.

I am predominantly a cyclist but have recently started refereeing soccer on the weekends. I track my games using a Garmin watch app which tags them as an “other” activity type rather than a run, which means that they don’t appear in the TR calendar.

Of course I am running when I referee, but I’m also walking, side stepping, shuffling backwards, standing still etc. So my questions are:

  • if I change the activity type to run (which will make them appear in the TR calendar) will this lead to unreliable analytics if any algorithms assume I’m only running or walking forwards?
  • do the runs that are recorded in TR contribute anything to adaptive training or AI FTP? (it seems I’m doing a fair amount of aerobic work on the weekends that is currently being ignored, and perhaps this could lead to an underestimated FTP)

As it’s implemented today, AT does not directly use any non-structured stress (unmatched non-TR rides, yard work, running, swimming, work/life/mental stress, weight lifting, etc).

That said, all of those stresses will indirectly impact the decisions that AT through your performance on TR workouts and your responses to the surveys.

My $0.02 would be not worry about it and Ref on.


I could have sworn that AI FTP (but not progression levels) does use unstructured rides based on a podcast from a few weeks ago. No idea on soccer reffing though.

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You’re right. All rides impact AI FTP. I’m very confident in saying that non-bike stresses are not impacting AI-FTP though.

My comments were focused on the Adaptive Training side of the question where additional stresses would have a more direct impact on what additional load you can take on. It’s on the roadmap w/ Workout Levels 2, but they’re still working on how to map unstructured rides into the appropriate PL/WL. Even when that comes out, I expect it will be bike stress only.

No such thing as a random question @philclayton :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum! I see it’s your first time posting.

@matthewgreer did a good job starting to answer your questions, but let me clarify a bit further about Runs:

  • Changing your referee “Other Activity” to a “Run Activity” will make it so that TR automatically uploads it to you Calendar through Activity Sync

  • Adaptive Training does not currently analyze your running performance the way it does for your cycling workouts so your runs will not affect your scheduled cycling workouts.

  • Runs that are recorded in TR do not contribute to plan adaptations nor affect your AI FTP Detection. However, like @matthewgreer mentioned, ALL rides are taken into account for AI FTP Detection whether they are TR Workouts or just riding outside.

So, in short, I would also Ref on and upload the data if it’s something you’d like to see on your Calendar :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone :grinning: