So You Think You're "Elite"

You may well be…or may not…or may…


Link to the report referenced within: Defining Training and Performance Caliber: A Participant Classification Framework in: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance Volume 17 Issue 2 (2021)

I have a KOM with 11 people on the leaderboard.

I guess you could say I am “elite”.


That would be perfect for the Ron Burgundy “mahogany” meme :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably more elitist than elite :wink:

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Hmm, so are you saying a KOM on a city limit sprint pushes me from developmental old dude to elite? All righty, off to find all those Masters 60+ pro teams that are currently recruiting


I thought I was pretty fit until I just say Alex Dowsett ride 460w for 15min in a TT and I understand he’s good but not even a podium world tour pro. Also seeing MVDP post his strade bianchi file where he averaged (with zeros) over 300w for 5hr+ and average (with zeros) 380w for the full final hour

Im definitely Elite, my turbo trainer, rollers and bottle cages tell me all the time :roll_eyes:


I think any division like this is a little arbitrary. I agree that that there is a big jump between ‘trained’ and ‘highly trained.’ You could easily do untrained, recreational, good at regional level, good at national level, good enough to make a living at it, olympic level, generational talent. Or whatever other divisions you want. That said, seeing the percentages/numbers of the truly world class talent is interesting and puts things in perspective

It’s cosplay all the way down. But fun nevertheless.

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