So Wiggins Vapes?

Taken from the CyclingTips Vuelta gallery. I guess the old boy really has let himself go?

Sure looks like it.

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Haha, to each their own, especially in retirement. I was just surprised that:

a) He’s doing it on Eurosport business in an especially visible way
b) Someone made sure to get a shot of it
c) CyclingTips published it


Vaughters book, well, I’ll just say he talks about Wiggins. None of it surprised me.

(unrelated to vaping)

You don’t remember the shots of him smoking outside Tolos in Puerta Polensa in 2012 after he won the TdF?

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Ha, I’ll admit a quick google search revealed he has a penchant for smoking.

To be fair to the chap, none of us actually know what he has in that tank and as a vaper myself, I know it could be any number of things.


Can’t be helpful for someone with such bad asthma…


Wiggins does a lot of things. :joy:

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Probably a re-badged asthma inhaler.

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“let himself go”… well he could probably still ride an hour at 350w any day so…

do you really think so?

Vaping is ‘harm reduction’. The Royal College of Physicians (UK) believes that it might be as much as 95% of a reduction, when compared directly to inhaling combustable tobacco products.

Of course nothing except for good old fresh air should be going into your lungs but vaping does offer another alternative in smoking cessation.

Ha! Way to get duped, its Salbutamol! XD

:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :+1:

FYI he said on Instagram recently that he hasn’t even been on a bike for nearly a year or something like that (which also puts into context the timeline of this photo) and is just now thinking about getting back on. He has no more obligations to be on a bike these days, just has to do the media.