So good to see folks on bikes

I’m in the California Bay Area and we’re starting to have warmer weather up here. It was so good seeing so many people out on bikes on the road in my area. Families, newbies, e-bikes, hitters on $15K speed machines, etc. It felt so lonely for the last 6 months, I’m so happy to have company on the road again!


Not quite there yet here, but thanks for the hopeful reminder! [Northern hemisphere] spring is coming!

I’m hoping lots of folks who started riding bikes last March will feel good about hauling them out again. I know there are people in my life who didn’t have a bike the last time I saw them- and maybe soon we’ll be able to ride together for the first time. :relaxed:


Agreed. But even then, there was a lot of concern with the pandemic and most of my local group rides whittled down from 50+ riders to a handful. Then we had wildfire after wildfire, before we knew it Winter was here and the season was gone.

Here’s to hoping that things will be getting better for everyone and we’ll all have the opportunity to ride outside for a long, uninterrupted season!

Don’t forget the sunscreen! I forgot a couple weeks ago and started my tan a bit too early :man_facepalming:

From Strava et al. it seems like every UK cyclist came out for the first time yesterday. It was actually my 9th time but way behind my norm :hushed:

Sun screen is not an issue here though at 11deg C it’s just s fraction too low for bare skin and 3rd lockdown hair will protect the back of neck :roll_eyes:

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11 degrees is warm in the UK (I live in the south west). I might have my first ride this year without leg warmers this week.


We are still weeks away from getting outside here in Chicago…we have gotten 30-40” of snow over the last couple of weeks, depending on where in the area you live. And with bitter cold temps, very little has melted.

Getting up into the mid-high 30’s this week, so hopefully some of it starts to thin down…mostly because I have no place left to put any new snow! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Envious of all you starting to get outside…enjoy!

Even though it’s still only February the warm early Spring weather seemed to bring everybody out here on the Surrey/Sussex/Kent borders in the UK - can’t blame them, everyone’s had enough of ‘lockdown’.
Unfortunately, for those of us on bikes it meant parked cars everywhere, people just blindly walking in the middle of country roads and getting irritated when having to move. I even had a lady in her 80’s giving me ‘the finger’ from her open top sports car simply because she didn’t have the patience to wait a few seconds for me to continue my right of way. The Great British public… :roll_eyes:


I was annoyed by all the traffic on my MTB yesterday. I don’t normally ride during “normal” riding hours, I am looking forward to going back to MY regular hours when the trails are empty.

Absolutely insane numbers of cyclists on the road in Belgium this weekend when temperatures got up to the high teens after a week of sub zero. Big trend towards e-bikes encouraging a mix of elderly touring cyclists, mtb’ers crossing between trails on the cycle routes and of course, lycra-clad tubby middle aged men like me.

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I brought my bike for a checkup, waiting now already 10days, hope to get it back tomorrow. Looking forward to the first outside ride in beautiful early spring weather.

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A commentator on GCN, filling time in a mid-point of the first stage of the UAE tour this week, described his move from Scotland to southern England as, “to somewhere a bit more tropical.” All in the perspective, I guess. :joy:

Hope you get that legwarmer-free ride soon.

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Was that the same commentator who was warning of snow drifts in the desert :joy:

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