So far in 2021 I've set power records at almost every point in the curve

Although I’ve been following a workout plan dramatically different than what TR prescribes, that’s not the secret. The secret is in the workouts I didn’t do. :smiley:

Sometime last year while looking at my workout history with the fam & laughing at my long history of steady progress followed by a crash of inactivity…one of my geeky family members observed, ‘Don’t do any workouts 12 to 7 days before any race. You’ll be twice as good.’

Holy snapped clavicle, batman! That was a good observation. No less than 5 times I’ve broken bones during workouts in that 12-to-7 day out period. WTF is wrong with me? :rofl: :joy: :flushed: :man_shrugging: That’s more than just bad luck. That has to be some sort of screwed up subliminal self-sabotage.

Had an ultra race this past Saturday and 7 days prior did my last 100 mile ride. Just blowing the carbon out a little and seeing what the legs could do. Went really well & it was going to be a PR hundo. Started to rain a little and my glasses were all spotted up…didn’t want to stop so I was just going to clean them off on a down hill & as I reached for them the thought burst into my consciousness that this was the moment! I’m gonna face plant or run into a fire hydrant or hit the curb and yard sale. Ha! :rofl:

Totally bagged that workout & road home at a super slow pace. Now that I have that idea in my head…I’ll probably never be able to do a hard workout in that 12 to 7 day period again. Still, being able to consistently make progress matters.