So close to getting all Zwift Route Badges

I have found these already. Still doesn’t add up to 135 for me…?

Mine still says x of 128. I did just notice a Training Plan badge.

Cycling: 76 route badges and 39 other badges = 115 badges
Running: 11 route badges and 13 other badges = 24 badges

Total: 139

The training plan badges get displayed but not counted.

This makes things even more confusing. So there are route Badges only for running?
That would explain something.

Yep. Six courses in Watopia and five in New York.

And here are the non-route badges for running:

Still weird how it say 128 total badges for some and 135 for me, when there are apparently 139 total badges.

You already found / achieved some hidden ones. The hidden ones only start counting against the total once you found them. Don’t ask me why…

Edit: Just to clarify: A newly created Zwift account should show 0/127 badges (now after Paris & France got added). There are in total 12 extra (hidden) badges. 10 for cycling achievements and 2 for running (actually I’m not sure if the ‘ride on’ achievements could also be achieved whilst running). Bottom line. If you are at 139/139 you’re done with badges at the moment.

I went for the 100kph badge earlier this week and showed 100kph on the Zwift speedo, but didn’t get the badge… weird. Maybe I was at like 99.8 or something and it doesn’t round up.