Small 'bug' in the Waco sweet spot workout?

Last night I completed the Level 10.6 “Waco” sweet sport workout, and noticed that my TSS was 153 out of a possible 113. Seems the 113 TSS that registered with this workout is incorrect?

It’s a 2 hour workout, with 3x30 sweet spot and 5 minute breaks inbetween and an IF of 0.88. No way the 113 “list” TSS for this workout is correct?

Depends what level the 5m are at and the other 15 minutes but Id guess about 140 TSS for the workout total.

That doesn’t seem right. I’d reach out to support.

I built a similar workout in TrainingPeaks and it looks like ~155 TSS

I’m looking into this now. :male_detective:

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Cool thanks!

It was 153 total.

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I’ve just updated the Waco workout. The TSS should be accurate now!

Thanks again for the heads-up @ronshev

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Fantastic. Way to jump on it. :+1:

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