Skipped Workout for Outdoors: should I defer it or skip it?

I have been using TrainerRoad since two weeks ago. I’m enjoying it more than I thought and I think it’s being beneficial to my cycling, even if I’m not planning to race, but just to have fun with friends.

Today for the first time since mid-January I had the chance to ride outdoors (gorgeous day) and I took it.

Would it be more effective to defer the workout that was planned for today (Eclipse) to the next workout day, or should I skip it altogether and just move to the next one (Tunnabora)? I’m following the Sweet Spot Base, low volume I.


Skip and move on to the next scheduled one.


In the future, if you skip a really technical TR ride for an easier outdoor ride, it may be beneficial to try to schedule it back into your plan. Otherwise, as long as the efforts are pretty similar between your outdoor ride and your prescribed workout, you’re all clear to just keep going!