Skip low volume weekend workouts?

I have seen the blog article “Replacing weekend workouts with endurance rides”, but that is only for mid and high volume plans. Have you guys replaced the weekend workouts with endurance rides? how were your gains?

I think the weekend ride in the LV plans is the most important and wouldn’t want to skip it. I pushed it to Thursday and moved the shorter Thursday workout to another day (Wed/Fri) or made it optional. The Tuesday workouts look to be the 2nd most important and tend to be VO2 or at least the highest intensity for the week so I wanted to keep those as-is.

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I’m curious about this as well (specifically related to triathlon plans). I really like doing a long ride on the weekend and would like to keep doing it, but also want the gains from the training plan.

Or train Mon Wed Fri, ride for fun Sat.

That would work if I could consistently dedicate 2 hours or more on a weekday.