Sitting on your heels - unable to now-a-days

Evening all,
OK at 54 I am no spring chicken but up to around 20 years ago I was doing quite a bit of martial arts training and never had a problem with sitting back on my heels with either my toes on the ground or with the tops of my feet on the ground.
Searching the Internet I’ve found a few vids of how to go about the couch stretch etc to be able to get this ability back.
Just wondered if this could be directly related to cycling, if anyone else has had this problem and if so, how they got around it and how they did it.
Be interesting to see if anyone else managed to resolve it.
Cheers and thanks for any pointers. :grin:

I have the same problem. Not able to resolve it.

I’m 42 and didn’t used to be able to do it but I can now.
Purely by doing it multiple times a day. Starting next to the sofa and lowering down, painfully, then leaning forwards over a footstool or similar, and bit by bit i got there and can sit upright. Sometimes it takes a minute or 2 after a training session.

I have very poor flexibility and need to stretch my quads, hammy and glutes at least twice a day.

I’ve working on my flexibility in earnest for a couple years now. Sitting on my heels and coming up to standing are now in my repertoire.

I listened to Jerzy Gregorek on the Tim Ferriss podcast and decided to do what he is doing. He has some very accessible routines and movements to work on range off motion. Plus, if you listen to the podcast, it’s hard not to smile when you hear his story. I recommend it.

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I had a similar issue.

Did judo as youngster and was used to it. Tried at yoga in my early thirties and it was painful. Kept at it and eventually fine again. Stopped yoga for a few years and painful again. Reckon if I kneel for a 10 minutes a day it’d sort itself out again. May experiment and get back to you

This is quite a cool video on how to fix it…


Ah, I meant kneeling on the ground with your bum on your heels. Not squatting like in the video above.

Never have been able to and still can’t! But am working on it and get the deepest stretch I can by putting a cushion or two under my backside to support me. Hopefully I will get there.

Same here…

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this is essentially what i’d like to be able to do - i can get my bum like 10 cm away from my heels leaning forward but that’s it.

Found some youtube videos on guard pose but was wondering if anyone had worked through this and how…

The wife and i started doing some yoga in lock down and this is hampering me in those sessions and basically life. :slight_smile:

Interesting - I also thought you meant deep squating with flat feet (i cant to that).

What joint or muscle is limiting you from being able to kneel as you describe?

A block should work for the yoga.

10cm off your heels is a lot! I just had quite a sore stretch down front of ankles so please ignore my advice.

Not a physio but I guess you maybe have very short quads from cycling, and you probably should be very careful with your knees trying to get bum towards heels.