Single Side Power Meter - Left or Right?

I am planning to buy a single side power meter. I am after a Total Hip Replacement operation on my left hip. During the injury period, and post-operation, my left leg power, and mass have decreased substantially.

Does it matter if I buy a Left or Right PM? I know our bodies are not equally on sides, but with the increased loss of power on my left leg, will it benefit to have the PM on the left side?

I’m a big fan of L/R power, I’d say get dual sided if you can, especially if you want to get a baseline now and then see how your balance fairs as you start to increase your training load. @Nate_Pearson will disagree, even argue that L/R is meaningless, but my thoughts are it’s valuable if you align the baseline to post injury recovery or perceived loss of form, etc.

Not picking on you @Nate_Pearson, but please send the L/R data on to the sync partners, you don’t have to display it in TR.