Silca Synergetic Wet Lube

Hi folks, question about Silca’s Synergetic Wet Lube - is the idea that you run this lube all the time whether it’s wet or dry?

Brough it for the long lasting I uses it dry or wet, takes ages to apply aexpensive can’t wait for this bottleto run out.

ask silca

I use it for dry. I was using their super secret drip wax and this is even better and easier overall in my experience. This doesn’t need time to dry up, and is less messy. My chain is so quiet using it.

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I just started using Synergetic recently after a yearlong flirtation with chain waxing. I found that I just didn’t do the needed maintenance for immersion waxing, and ‘topping up’ Super Secret on my trainer bike, while effective, just led to tons of wax flaked off on my trainer mat. So far I’ve got about 350mi on my first application of Synergetic - all in dry/indoor conditions - and I’m impressed with how quiet and smooth the drivetrain has remained.


Is this a “normal” style lube or a waxed chain “maintenance” type lube?

Silca Syn is more like a wet “oil based” lube, not a dry “wax based” lube. These would not mix well.

Silca Syn is a stand-alone product.


Have you used it in the wet at all?

Why does it take so long to apply? (I understood it’s applied like any normal lube - drip on each link?)

Ah, just to confirm, Silca use wet to mean the lube is wet, rather than it’s for wet conditions?

(I was using wet and dry like Muckoff Wet for when it’s rauning and and Mucoff Dry for when it’s not)

Nope. I ride indoors 99% :joy:

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It doesn’t take me any longer than other lube I’ve used.

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Muc-off doesn’t work in any conditions, no matter what’s on the label unless the purpose is to make your chain look weird in black light.


Correct (I think).

I have been using Synthetic on my travel bike to avoid any issues with travel with / having to apply drip wax on the road. Seems decent enough, but I also didn’t strip the chain before I started using it, either. :scream:


Yes to the first half because it is certainly wet. I don’t know on the second half with respect to conditions. That rests on whatever Silca claims and/or intends. But I would be happy to use this in wet conditions as well as dry.

I use it on all my bikes right now and really like it. I do my best to wipe off excess lube to limit dust adhesion on the gravel and MTB, but it still gets on there at times. Despite that, I love the lube and think it performs well for my needs.

I don’t get the complaint on putting it on either. It is a single link drip product and just as easy as any other of the type. It is FAR easier than waxing… so I simply don’t know what the other person is complaining about?


Yea. Just drip onto each link. But it’s slow viscous and you want to go super slow to ensure it’s done right and gets into each roller. Silca super secret wax drips so quickly so you can move faster


All same reasoning with me… and it has been well over a year and over 6000 miles (on trainer bike) and chain still good. I even got another chain checker as I was in doubt and really no wear.


Could not

Could not agree more. Took me a long time to figure this out, but chain-wear was just off the charts

Check out zero friction cycling.

Amazing resource on all things chain lubrication.

Been using the silca wet lube for a few years. Not even through 1/2 the bottle. Amazing stuff.


Very familiar with that site! Kept thinking it must be my amazing sprint power that destroys these chains :joy:. ZFC made me realize Muc-Off was doing the destructive work instead…

Walked into a good (I thought) bike shop recently to get some Synergetic. They tried to sell me something else, and then did the show of calling the most experienced mechanic from the back who whispered in my ear that the $70 Muc-Off lube is the secret to success. Did not go over well when I told them I will never touch that stuff again…