Sick again: should I do strength training to bridge the gap?

I contracted the “real” flu about four weeks back, and just came back from a 2-week business trip. My plan was to start training again after the business trip. Unfortunately, I caught another bug on my last leg of the trip, and I am coughing again. Ugh. I get around alright and the cold symptoms (mostly a clogged nose and coughing) don’t bother me in everyday life. But I know that my current zone 3-4 is probably zone 2 when I am healthy.

Question: I am itching to do some form of sports as I haven’t done anything in weeks. Should I do some moderate strength training instead? I’m thinking of lowering the weights and the number of reps to keep the intensity down. Or should I wait until I feel that I can hop on the bike again?

If you’re feeling tired, then don’t do it. Strength training, if done properly, will tire you out and prolong your recovery. I speak from experience. And if you’re not intending or able to lift hard enough, then don’t risk it. My advice is to get better then hit it with a vengeance.