Show Shortcuts next to Toggle Switches in Settings - Feature Request

Just a quick feature request.
Please show the letters that toggle actions next to the description under the “General - Settings”.
Then I can switch what I was looking for as well as remember the key for the next time.
The extra Tab “Keyboard Shortcut” can persist, just make it as easy and ubiquitous as possible to find what one is looking for, maybe not even knowing it’s there.

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Cool! Just so I understand this request fully, you’d just like the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ to be the default when opening settings instead of ‘General’? Just want to make sure I’m clear on this before passing along to the team!

Wow, direct reply from Ivy, I’m honored!

And what I meant is that you just state the shortcut next to the toggles:

Show Instructional Text (W) “Switch”

Just make it a little more public what the shortcut is, instead of showing it in a different menu.
You can have the overview as well, but normal to want to do something so I’m looking for the switch to make it happen and then I’m not getting the information right away, that instead of using the menu, I could just hit a key.
That’s how most menus work in most programs anyhow Save “Crtl + S” etc.

It’s like looking for something in a book and the index says: look under name xyz, instead of just giving you the page number.

Okay, sorry for nerding, just wanted to bring my point across to maybe facilitate life for some more people :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

P.S. Has Pete dug out the chickpea recipe already?!

Here is an example from a Win app, with commands on the left controlled via mouse, and the keyboard shortcut (if it exists) on the right.


Makes it easier to see and then learn the association for future use.

Exactly, thank you for summarizing and the example.

Ah okay. Apologies for the confusion, I think this threw me off because this is already a visibility feature:

But I think you’re asking for that to be more accessible ie a toolbar dropdown. IF Im getting this right.

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