Show me your "Aluminati" builds!

I’ll second here, I’ve had a few carbon bikes of various pedigrees over the last ten years, from a Cervelo R3, to a Pinarello Prince Carbon. Right now I’m riding my old Pinarello Galileo aluminum bike, and when I built it up, I thought it would be unbearably harsh after those bikes, but in reality, with modern wheels, 28c tires, and a forgiving seat post, I struggle to tell the difference in overall ride quality. Those bikes were a bit stiffer in the BB and more compliant in the seat stay, but seriously, Ive got a Fizik Saddle with Ti Rails, 28c Contis on either Hunt 4 season, or Campy Zonda wheels, and a Ti Campy Record seat post from like 2000 and the bike is a dream on all but the worst chop and seal. Im riding it while I save to have a custom steel roadie built, and its perfectly acceptable.


My Ripmo AF Enduro Race Build:
Aluminum Frame
Ibis S35 Carbon Wheels w/ Hydra- 1650g for the pair, 35mm IW

It’s the best of both worlds, indestructible frame with dialled geometry and top of the line suspension, and super snappy and still indestructible carbon wheels (With no holds barred 7 year warranty)

and my '76 Ford E150 camper van/ shuttle rig.


Such a good workingman’s race rig and van setup. I’m jealous.



I’ve been loving the Ripmo, it checks all the boxes and is affordable enough to be my second (Mountain) bike!

The van is definitely still a work in progress, after replacing 90% of the brake components I finally am confident enough to make out of state trips in it. It doesn’t have a shoulder seat belt for the driver and barely goes 65 though so it rarely makes it our of South Dakota.

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Tell us more about the van. I haven’t seen a proper van in ages.

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That yellow Ford is bitchin’ Am now curious what others are doing for bike transport.


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Not sure if this counts since it was an odd duck back in 2007 but it’s been a blast to ride. Cannondale systemsix half carbon front end and aluminum rear with short/beefy chain-stays. Upgraded the bar and wheels to make it quite formidable in criteriums.


That is a handsome bike.

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Been reading this thread for a while, and I finally have a contribution -

Cobbled together with whatever bargains I could find. First road bike build!


Its either a CAAD 4 or CAAD 5, not sure as it doesnt say. The downtube is fatter than the more modern bikes. Handles well, and allows me to get low, in the hoods.


This Scott AFD Elite (2004?) has been a work-in-progress since November. I’ve almost finished painting it - just needs a couple shots of clear coat - then on to the build.


What a transformation! Excellent work so far.

Is that a carbon fork? Cool shape

Is that a carbon fork? Cool shape

The fork is aluminum.

Very well done. Not colors I would think to put on a bike, but it looks sweet.


We got my 5 year old a 20" Precaliber last year and he’s working on getting rid of the training wheels. I wanted something affordable that I could throw flats on and ride with him so I picked up the Marlin 6 today. Seems like a nice bike for the price and it’s perfect for zooming around with my little man!!