Shout out for the training tips during TR workouts!

I just wanted to share that during a holiday just recently when I took part in optional bike rides on the island of Rhodes, which were great fun and spectacular… those helpful tips on form and technique which pop up during TR workouts, were a real help as I replayed them in my mind when looking for inspiration and, dare I say it help, particularly when climbing a tough ascent; thank you Trainer Road :+1:


Ditto. I sometimes reach for them when i am hurting or notice i have slipped into bad form from fatigue. Getting reconnected properly to the saddle, stabilizing my trunk and upper body and thinking that I’m not hurting as much as I might let myself feel all helped in a hard ride and races recently. Good stuff in there for workouts and beyond.


I do the quadrant drills when I need to push through something difficult. Just counting revolutions by quadrant works great in the same way the “I’ll just push to that light pole, I’m at the light pole, I’ll just push to that tree, I’m at the tree, I’ll just push to that fence post…” game works.


Great to hear that you had a great time on your holiday and that you found the tips from TR helpful! It’s definitely worth trying to keep those in mind when you’re out riding, as they can make a big difference to your performance.