Should TrainerRoad link up with IndieVelo

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere.
Since I started using IndieVelo I’ve been thinking perhaps TR and IndieVelo could join forces and work together. In a recent youtube video by Smart Bike Trainer this concept was mentioned. Interested in hearing what other TR users think of this.

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At risk of being accused in negative vibes: no, I don’t want TR team to spend their time and money to integrate with all the bells and whistles hanging around. Please keep focusing on making me faster, I’ll figure out how to entertain myself (thankfully, that’s not a tough problem to solve in 2023).


I’ve used IV once with TR in mini mode overlay. IV was OK but didn’t blow me away. I maybe should have let IC control the trainer and it might have been more immersive.

Probably would but I probably wouldn’t use ERG as its useless on the Elite Suito. I think I would use it like I used RGT in the past, in simulation mode and varying my cadence/ gears.

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Yip, I think like a lot of folk the shutting down of RGT had me looking at IV. I wasn’t blown away by IV on first use but that’s only first impressions. I need to revisit IV probably in sim/resistance mode before I make a decision on it :+1:

Yip its that bad, the Suito is terrible for ERG. Its fluctuates badly from max resistance to no resistance, I found my self injuring things until I switched ERG off. But size wise/ portability its great for me as I posted in the best trainer for a small apartment thread. Used on resistance/sim mode its’ great. :wink:

If there was a bundled price then I’d be all for it. And if unstructured IV rides were factored into AT I’d be all for it.

i don’t think this is a good fit. From the video, the developer of IV is focused on racing credibility and ride physics over visuals. I don’t see that prioritization being the best fit for TR since you are working out, not racing, and physics don’t really matter in a workout, and visuals are the thing that might matter the most when you are trying to distract yourself from a hard interval. If TR was going to go after Zwift and change their business model, then maybe this is a good start, but they don’t seem too interested in that, so this would be a no for me.

IndieVelow’s website states specifically that they are focused on the racing aspect of it. I also read somewhere that the developer / team built IV mainly due to the many instances of Zwift cheating…