Should I use lower FTP after ramp test for following 6 weeks?

Hi Trainers,

I just finish my first ramp test yesterday, and my FTP goes from 231w to 224w…which maybe because I test my initial FTP from tacx training app and calculate by myself.

Anyway, after 6 weeks SSB low volume - 1, I got 224w, should I use this number for SSB low volume - 2?
Why I ask is because I can finish SSB low volume -1 when I think my FTP is 231w, just wondering should I use lower FTP for SSB low volume - 2?


I’d suggest using the newly tested (lower) value. It is what you tested at in the first place. Not to mention that part 2 gets more demanding than part 1, so having a slightly low FTP is a safer bet that one that could be too high.


Start at 224W - if after a week it feels comfortable - split the difference at 227W and see what happens from there - if after another week it feels ok - go to 231W ----that said beware as Chad said the build in TSS and increased fatigue :grinning: