Should I Skip/Push The Final Week of SPBLV?

I’m solidly in the “masters” age category. Been doing TR for several years now, but always bailed at the intersection of Base and Build for less structured outdoor riding or because life intervened. This year (starting in September) I decided to stick to the plan and see where it takes me, so I’ve been doing SSBLV1 → SSBLV2 → SPBLV with near 100% compliance.

Anyway, I just completed the penultimate “work” week of SPBLV. But after my Saturday threshold ride I was cooked. My inclination was to skip a post-ride shower and climb directly into bed at 2pm.

At that point, I remembered that @mcneese.chad and a few others had talked about moving to a 2:1 work/recovery ratio instead of the 3:1 baked into the TR plans. Based on that I swapped the last week for SPBLV for recovery with the intention of kicking off Specialty with a ramp test next week.

Now it’s Tuesday and I’m having second thoughts. I know the rule of thumb is “listen to your body” but right now my body is sending mixed signals. My rHR is reading as low as it ever gets. I’m feeling a little run down, but surely that’s to be expected at this point in SPB, right?

So which is it: Whorl or Kaiser +2?