Should I redo an incomplete workout from Sweet spot low volume 1?

Hi Guys,

I’m currently on sweet spot low volume part 1, week 2. I’ve just done Reinstein but I couldn’t complete due to low blood sugars (I’m type 1 diabetic).

I felt good on the bike and the workout wasn’t too hard at all. Should I try and redo the workout in its entirety tomorrow so I can get the full training stimulus or should I just wait till my next scheduled workout on Tuesday?


How much of the workout did you not complete?

If you think you can do it and recover in time for your Tuesday workout go ahead, but incomplete workouts are not a big deal unless they happen consistently.

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No single workout is going to make or break a training plan. If you felt good and did a good chunk of the workout before you had to stop, don’t worry about it.

@JoeX’s advice above is solid.