Should I delete a skipped or missed workout from the calendar?

AT should still be able to know what was on your calendar before you deleted it. Relying on the user keeping it in their calendar is just bad design IMO. “Delete” doesn’t mean the system has to forget it ever existed.

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Levels 2.0 will make sure that everything you do (and dont do) within and outside of Plan Builder is accounted for in AT. :wink:
The developers are working hard on this update!


This might also be the intended function. Having AT consider a deleted and a skipped workout differently lets you as a user signal AT why you didn’t do the workout.

Skipping tells AT that you agree that this was a reasonable workout, but for some reason you didn’t do it. You do however want AT to adress this type of stimulus so you want AT to accomodate it later in your plan.

Deleting signals that you don’t really care about that (type of) workout and you don’t want AT to consider it in future adaptions.

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If that’s the case (different actions sending different messages to AT) then that should be explicitly called out by TR so that people know what’s expected of them and the implications of actions they take.

For me this is where the riches of AT can create confusion at best and frustration at worst. One shouldn’t have to light candles and pull out the Ouija board to try to devine how to use AT for the best impact.

Of course, you may just be floating a thought about what might be in the mind of the ML back engine :wink:

This is a really good point. Im going to check with the team to see if we can add some more text in this notice that briefly notices athletes about the implications within AT and Plan Builder (at least as a placeholder until Levels V2 is released and it will no longer make a difference).

**There should be more info there :point_down:


Indeed, the current state gives no real indications of the broader implications of this operation. Adding detail about the consequences is a minimum. Building on that, a guide about “How to live with / modify your training plan and keep AT happy…” would be nice.

The repeat questions about when to use Alternates vs TrainNow vs manual added workouts are examples of the necessary changes that we should have outlined with at least a basic level of instruction and/or best practices.

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Appreciate that, @IvyAudrain

[quote=“mcneese.chad, post:48, topic:70009”]
The repeat questions about when to use Alternates vs TrainNow vs manual added workouts are examples of the necessary changes that we should have outlined with at least a basic level of instruction and/or best practices.
[/quote] @mcneese.chad, yes, good detail/context to my global comment. Thanks.

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Super valid. Passing this along to the team, thanks Chad!

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Can I just check something please…

I loaded the 40k TT LV plan to my calendar direct (not through PB) but I only want 2 interval days per week. So, I spent some time and just clicked and dragged it all about to extend the 8 weeks so I just have 2 sessions per week instead of 3. I had to rearrange the order of a few to keep the 3:1 work:recovery week schedule but otherwise kept all the sessions in the same order otherwise.

Did I just waste my time and ‘break’ AT or will it still see all the sessions as a plan and monitor and adapt as required?

Rearranging workouts within your plan does NOT ‘break’ the Adaptive Training logic. You’re good! :sunglasses:


thanks Ivy

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So when things go in the dumper you can look back and see where you screwed up. :smile:

Interesting approach. Need to think if this would make it easier for me

I’ve got a question which relates to this.

I’m on a LV plan. Due to unforseen circumstances, I’ll only be able to perform the tuesday-workout this week (and not the thursday and saturday ones / shifting them to other days is not an option).

Should I leave the plan as is (not deleting the skipped workouts from the calendar), and simply resume the plan next week (perhaps with some suggested adaptations because of the misses workouts)?

Yes, just leave and ignore them.

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@IvyAudrain I’ve only just read this thread, and am ~half way through an 18 week sprint triathlon programme. I became injured and haven’t been able to run for 4 weeks. I deleted those runs and added strength workouts (from my physio) plus some additional trainnow rides and swims. Should I carry on with the program as it is, or recreate the training plan from scratch?

@IvyAudrain Same process with workouts being scheduled in TrainingPeaks and TR workout being slotted in as a replacement? Delete the TP since a TR was done in its place?

Looking into your plan and what you’ve missed, we recommend you continue with the run workouts as prescribed.

The workouts you missed in the last few weeks were all base runs, and now you have 5 base run workouts over the next few weeks to ease you back in before you get into those Specialty Phase Run Interval workouts. You should feel free to exercise some agency in modifications for duration while you monitor your recovery from injury, but these the upcoming base runs are still very much appropriate and relevant in preparing for those more challenging Run Interval workouts ahead and don’t need any modification in terms of structure.

Nice work incorporating the physio and strength training! That can only help aid you as you ease back into your run workouts. :thumbsup:

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In this instance, deleting an unassociated or incomplete workout will not have any adverse effect on your Progression Levels. You can, however, ‘Match’ and associate your completed workouts with the planned TrainerRoad activity for that same day to make sure you’re getting appropriate credit for that work reflected in your Progression Levels:

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Thanks Ivy! Super helpful