Shortest big bottles (26-28oz)

This may seem like a weird question but run a small gravel frame, with a sloping top tube and there is very limited bottle clearance on the seat tube, have recently figured out I can run a 24oz Podium if I use a side pull cage. Makes me wonder if I can fit a 26 or 27oz bottle, would make a difference in whether or not I can get away without a 3rd bottle in races that aren’t quite long enough to justify a pack.
Does anyone have a 750-800ml bottle, that can tell me the height?
I see the Trek Voda 26oz is 24cm.
Curious about the SIS Easy Mix 800ml, Elite Jet or Fly MTB 750ml, Pro Bikegear 800ml, Force Quart 900ml heights. Doesn’t seem to something that is regularly in the description.