Shortcuts with Breakthough rides

So I’m back. Back from a 8month break from TR training. Did a lot of Zwift + Xert rides during autumn + winter riding.

With all that TR AI set my FTP at 293w.
Now with all the progression levels on 1.0 is it ok to “shortcut” to higher levels with breakthorugh rides? It seems that workouts like Wrynose are more than capable when I look at my recent rides.

I don’t mean to go right at level 7 or 8 rides, but more like to that level 4 range.

Any suggestions.

Oh yeah and my A event is on 10th on June.

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Yes :grin: I do this when switching seasons too. I’ll pick a workout I know I can do at the beginning and let TR figure out the changes afterwards. When going from sweet spot base to build or specialty, there’s not a big deposit of VO2 or anaerobic workouts to draw from so I usually shortcut it to a more appropriate workout.


Heck, yes. You have to eyeball a few workouts and choose something appropriate based on what you know you can do. My first ever Anaerobic workout on TR was a five point something difficulty level because I knew the workouts being suggested were far too easy.

Similarly, if you know that 3 × 15 at 100% FTP is doable for you, choose something in that ballpark for your first Threshold workout, unless you deliberately want to ease yourself in with something easier.