Short term race event pivot/change. Should I also change training plan?

Hi, team,
I had a plan to go a Gran Fondo ride next weekend, but due to many reason, I decided not to go and changed it to a stage race.
The stage race has a TT, road race and criterium. This will probably be my first USAC race.

My current plan is specialty for Gran Fondo event, which consist of 1 threshold, 1 VO2Max and 1 sweet spot, 2 z2 rides. Should I modify my plan for the up coming stage race? if yes how?

I checked the plan builder, criterium specialty typically consist of 1 VO2max and 1 anaerobic per week. In this case, should we temporally modify my current week and next week plan to something similar to the criterium specialty?

Thank you~

I’m no expert, but if you have 10 days, I’d add a 30/30 workout. Not a lot of time for major changes due to the time constant. Best of luck in your race.

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Hey @Andrew_G,

You could click on the event on your calendar and change the discipline to Criterium if you’d like. Once you’ve done that Plan Builder will adapt your workouts between now and then to align with the Criterium Specialty phase.

Given that you’ve got a range of disciplines on deck for the weekend though, it could be hard to pick just one discipline, and simply throwing in one Anaerobic workout in place of your VO2 workout next week isn’t going to do too much for you given that you’ve only got a little over a week before race day.

I’d first prioritize following your taper and I wouldn’t add in any extra work between now and then.

Good luck & have fun! :trophy:

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Thank you all for the recommendations

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