Short Power Build - Seated or Standing aka resistance or erg... Opinions please

Hi Peeps

Wanted some opinions. I guess this applies to all sprint training but i’ve become more interested since starting short power build and doing mostly sprintervals.

So for me seated or standing means using ERG (seated) or Resistance mode (out of the saddle). So far i’ve been doing all the sessions in ERG mode which means for all the sprint sections I have stayed seated (I can’t seem to get out of the saddle in ERG, it just doesn’t work as the resistance gets too high and I cant increase the cadence).

However when riding outside I start most of my sprints with a quick out of the saddle effort that I settle in to, going seated if its going to be more than 15/20 seconds.

Im thinking that I should therefore switch these workouts to resistance mode to be more applicable to outside riding - as surely out the saddle sprints work different muscles?

Am I missing something and is there more benefit from doing these seated? It definitely works the legs a bit more as I’m not using gravity at all but seems like there is less transferability to outside riding.

Is it good to do a mix of both instead and do some sessions in ERG and some in resistance to get the best of both worlds?

  • Seated
  • Out of the Saddle
  • Mix of both

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