Short film about UK hillclimb TTs

Great wee film about hill climb tts in the UK.


Immediately recognized Andrew Feather in the video preview image!

Thanks, will give this a watch!


Great book on this called “A Corinthian Endeavour” by Paul Jones.

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Does anywhere else in the world do hill climbs like the Brits? Having said that I’d love to see more races like the Red Bull race in San Fran.

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There is/was a series in the Silicon Valley are I have heard about.
Something like the Low Key Hill Climb.

Not to brag, but I make several appearances in this video.

Granted they’re almost exclusively out of focus background shots of me pissing about with my camera on the sidelines, but still :wink:

British Hillclimb season is the best thing about Autumn for me, one day I might ride in the champs, but only to save the other entrants from last place.