Short duration between same Workouts in AT - Warlow

Hello everybody,

I am back on TR after April 2021 and started LV this week. Plan is to do a bit of Endurance outside beside.

Now I am a bit confused with the Plan. Tbh I skipped some weeks on the basephase, as I did a good bit of Base outside including the Festive500.

Now the Problem is the amount of Warlow-Workouts.

Did Warlow+1 today, the plan wants me to do warlow+2 next saturday. Beside the fact that I rated +1 as very Hard.

The adaptation AT surgested was a even harder Vo2 workout on Thuesday and a very easy SweetSpot-Workout on Thursday. Warlow+2 stayed as before.

The Warlow-Block will come back on the 5th and 12th of Febuary in the Build-Phase.

Can this be right, hard to imagine I am able to complete Warlow+2 at this stage?

Does anyone can say, if this Warlow-Block is right or give an advise to ajust the plan?

Thank you Philipp

I suggest an email to so they can make a full review and recommendation.