Shimano tubeless wheels


Does anyone know whether Shimano tubeless wheels are hookless or hooked rims? I wanted to know whether I can fit some conti 5000s to them.

The wheels are the RS700 C30.

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Hooked. Just about all metal rims are hooked.

How much are you spending on these? / have you already bought them? Where are you riding?
Reason I ask is that these can be fairly expensive if you don’t find a deal and there can be better options depending on what you’re doing.

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I haven’t bought them yet but I’m open to suggestions.

They are for a fairly low end bike - trek 2.3 2011 with an r7000 groupset. I want a robust set of wheels. I ride in a pretty hilly area.

I’ve seen them for £560.

Those will be nice wheels for you.

For a few more grams, you can work some aero themes in there. The rim needs to be slightly wider than the tire to start with before looking at depth. HED Ardennes and Aforce AL33 would be good options here, but they aren’t on the market right now.
The Boyd Alamont (25c)
HED custome wheelset (25c) -
Ritchey Zeta (23c front for aero) Ritchey WCS Zeta tubeless Ready clincher wheelset 700C black
These should be just as durable as the Shimano, but have the option of being a bit faster on the flats, a bit cheaper maybe, and be in the same weight range.

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Thank you for all of those suggestions. I will do a little more research.

Skip all the BS on wheel weight… it’s just weight, no different than any other weight on your bike. If anything, heavier wheels help you climb as they are flywheels moderating speed loses