Setting up back to back training plans and view options

New Calendar, awesome enhancement by the way. One observation, I have set up back to back training plans that nicely fit in with a weeks holiday in the middle (have runs planned whilst away, no rest). So once I complete ‘base’ my ‘build’ plan kicks off and finishes the day before Christmas with a ramp test. Really enjoying the flexibility of been able to move things around to fit in and help plan my ‘life’.

Back to my observation, whilst browsing the Calendar via a Web Browser you can scroll to your hearts content, just dynamically loads. With the IOS app it only scrolls back to March and forward to the 27th of October.

Not a big issue but it would be nice to be able browse forward to the end of your planned training season and also to review past history/glory. Is there a technical limitation as to why there is a cut off?

Happy to flick this through to support if you prefer, let me know.


Noted. We did this at first to improve load times. We thought about loading it dynamically as you scroll but we cut that for launch because of the added complexity.

Our plan is to build the full calendar into all of the apps. It will be released and improved in steps. Our goal is a weekly release cadence.

You might not get an improvement every week, but that’s the goal.