Self created workouts

I’m looking for ‘Teams’ on TR and the self created workouts people have made. Is there any way of looking them up?


The workouts associated with a “team” don’t have an easily searchable flag so the GCN group doesn’t have a quick means of searching for those workouts. Some groups might have consistent text in the workout description so something like “Hard start” and you can search for that but that’s about as far as you can go short of joining the individual teams.

If you are a member of a team then you can see all workouts associated with that team so it is obviously possible to filter them in this manner just not by default by anyone. If you know the name of a workout then you can search it but they tend to be a bit obtuse.

maybe make this a feature request

I am not sure there is a way to search for workouts that are created / contained in Teams, unless you are in that specific team. There is a “Teams” filter on the Workout search filter list, so that can be leveraged, but only if you are a team member.


I found a few links within the forum linking to ‘teams’ i.e ‘more sweet spot’ other than that cant seem to find more. Will try and find some like you mentioned!

Can you link me to these teams please? im curious. Have started to dabble with ‘more sweet spot’ workouts.


You can see all the Teams by clicking on the following…

huh i dont have that option!

Looks like you need to email I have no idea why your is missing Teams?

For reference, here is the core section for Teams in the support site.

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Found the teams through that link!