Self build plan - Positive Feedback

For a variety of reasons I’ve designed my own 6 week training plan.

I realise the benefit of the -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 + 2 +3 workouts. This allows you to build your plan increasing your TSS over the weeks keeping the “same” workout but raising the TSS/IF accordingly.

It made building my bespoke bijou plan easy.

Thanks very much @Nate_Pearson & team

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What? My plan?

Basically as you raise your TSS from week 1 to 2 to 3 then Recover & adapt. You pick start with for example Gendarme -6 in week 1, then keeping everything else the same in week 2 go up a notch to Gendarme -5, week 3 suffer through Gendarme -4.

I’ve been following the established plans and had positive benefits, but there was no training programme for 6-15 min 10-30% climbs where it is sheer brute force and suffering that gets you over X 10-15 hills over 130km. So looking at previous years I realised I needed to both raise my FTP and also my VO2 capability.
SO…in the morning I do a S/Spot session (fasted) for 45-90 minutes. Then in the evening I do VO2 for 30-60 min. Saturday 60-90 min VO2 workout and Sunday 3.5hrs club run 110-120km.

I’ll know early September if it works. If my race isn’t cancelled.

You must have a lot of time and energy available to do that much training


time will tell.

It’s about the same as the high volume week. Which I’d switched into. Also work is quiet courtesy of Covid-19 - swings & roundabouts!

Well I did the planned ride after my self developed training plan.
In two weeks I added 5 watts, which really surprised me and more importantly I did my 120km 3000m event and got a string of PRs and although ît was Strava’s estimated power as this bike doesn’t have a PM Strava added 15w to my average over the 5hrs.

Pleased with the results.

The learning
Lots of VO2 and above in the last few weeks.
I can run at a higher TSS than expected.
Right at the upper end of Endurance is tougher than I realised.