Select Text-Only Workouts in Training Plan?

I am in week 9 LV of my first-ever go round with TR and this type of training and am doing the Gran Fondo plan. I find just about all of the workouts to be quite challenging. There was a week before the ramp test where it all seemed quite doable, but these Sweet Spot, Threshold, and VO2Max are a struggle. I find all of them easier to complete when Coach Chad is explaining things and giving me other stuff to think about besides just “oh, yikes, I’m only 5 minutes in and I’m not sure I can do this”…

So the question is: Is there a place to select that I would like to be given only “with-text” workouts? I am new enough to training that I do not want to select my own workouts. I struggle to remember what all of the different numbers mean and have no confidence that I would pick the right thing if I tried.

If there isn’t a way to do it currently, that would be a feature I would really appreciate. I would suppose there may be some people out there who might prefer to never see the text too. So maybe an area to select “yes, please”, “no, thank you”, or “either way”.

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There is unfortunately no filter to only select workouts with instructional text (for Plan Builder). Apologies! In an ideal state, every workout will have text. We just added hundreds and it will just take time to go through all of those and add text/create outside workout equivalents for everything. Sorry I don’t have better news.

On the workouts web page there’s this option:


Is that what you are after?

Not sure if that option is available in the apps.

At the bottom of the filters on the Android app there is a “instructions only” checkbox. I assume this is the same thing.

Yes, there are filters for searching to find workouts that do inclde instruction text.

What Beth wants is an option where Plan Builder and AT only ever add workouts to her plan that already include instruction text automatically.

That’s not a possible option at the moment. So this might be turned into a Feature Request unless or until TR adds instruction text to all workout intended for use in plans.


Thanks @IvyAudrain for letting me know, and thanks @Dknight212 and @bobw for the info about the button that is there. Perhaps I will get good enough at figuring out what I need workout-wise that I can make use of this someday. I’ll go see if I can find it :blush:.
@mcneese.chad , can I go submit this as a feature request somewhere?

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Sorry all, I should have clarified that it’s not a filter option *for Plan Builder.
I’ll pass this feature request on to the team for consideration!