Seizure risk of high heart rate

Hi trainerroad,

I find it hard to maintain a high (> 163) heart rate because I feel like I feel I am getting a seizure. Should I train lower than my ftp/heart rate or keep it the same and skip the threshold? I can do long sets or on off really quickly.

I had a traumatic brain injury and that why I know the early signs of seizure are. I have only one seizure out of seven the can due to exercise intensity and I have been seizure free for six years. But I don’t intend to start as driving is a must for me.

I look forward to hearing in it your podcast. AI FTP is a blessing and I curse at the same time haha.


Could be nothing to do with it but when I was younger I had a few seizures but I’ve had none when I have been older and pushing to the max on a turbo and losing that fear to push to the max I think has been good for me both on and off the bike. See your doctor though if you are really concerned.

I would say this is definitely a question for your doctor.


100%…I would not take any medical advice for such a potentially serious situation from a bunch of jamokes on the internets.


I know what the doctor will say. Don’t risk it. But what is the fun it that :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my two cents about it.

My experience of Doctors on a different health issue they have an educated opinion on the risk v the rewards and should be listened too. I think it could have the reward of raising the seizure thresholds so they’re avoided in future but the OP should speak to the doc and not listen to a keyboard opinion. Its the nurses, as nice as they are, that say do not risk it :joy: