Seeking some training advice

So I’m a touch concerned. Back on TR after some time off at the end of last year due to life. I spent 6 weeks basically doing a base miles approach to expand my aerobic base. It think it turned out pretty well. So typically when I do sweet spot base the over/unders crush my soul…and well…they aren’t. They are actually pretty easy. HR was in the low 140s on the last one even after increasing the workout to 110%. Should I look at increasing my FTP slowly or just continue with what I’m doing until the next ramp test and see what happens. I don’t want things to be so easy that I’m not growing and I definitely don’t want to end up like I have in the past and get my world rocked making me not want to ride. Thank you in advance!

Nothing wrong with bumping the FTP up 5-10w given that you’re finding O/U’s to be surprisingly easy. Probably a sign that your FTP is set a bit low. Don’t go crazy though, you’re better off training with a slightly under-estimated FTP than an over-estimated FTP.