Seeking dead-hard-workout plan

I revise my plan in a reason intensity.

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I’ll pass

Can you provide a number that you cannot pass?

( It’s not competing with you . Because IF base calculation is against myself )

Your update seems more reasonable, but still… removing the numbers and boiling it down, you’re programming:

VO2max session
SupraThreshold session
Long interval Sweet Spot+ session
VO2max session
SupraThreshold session
Long interval Sweet Spot+ session

On six straight days with no recovery. This might be possible, but I’d guess you’ll be totally buried (if not injured) afterward.

Those suprathreshold days would crush me and I doubt I’d rebound in time for the sweet spot work.

Insane but (maybe?) achievable:
VO2max (125%)
Sweet Spot (88-92% longer intervals (LONG recovery 40-50% of work time))
Suprathreshold (105-108%, 6-8min intervals)
Sweet Spot (88-90% shorter 10-12 min intervals, LONG recoveries, at least 50% of work time)
VO2max (125%) LONG recoveries, maybe 4-6min recovery after 3 min intervals.

And even that, I wouldn’t want to (and not sure if I COULD) do. FWIW, there’s no way I’d program this for anyone I was coaching without at least one and preferably two or three recovery days. (But I don’t coach elite guys who might be able to pull this off… but probably wouldn’t try).

Thank you @kurt.braeckel! This is what I really want to discuss. I’ve done the tiny adjustment in the table.

I am just a non-elite-cycling-training-no-racing kind of cyclist. This
season, I’ve done 2 base sections (2 * 6 weeks high volume) and
current at the end of the build section.

I will only do this once a year. After that I will do 3~4 weeks
easy recover weeks to fully recover back. Then using Climbing Road
to end my season this year.

I will share my experience regardless what will happen.

Thank you.

@bbarrera Was it by doing 4 lengths of the ARBT every day? I met a guy doing that for May is Bike Month a few years back, and thought to myself, just kill me now.

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Pretty sure he was still doing a lot of climbing rides!

Stay indoors and do this (created from an actual test protocol):

BTW, 100% of the test subjects – non-elite-cycling-training-no-racing kind of cyclists – completed 100% of the workouts. Good luck and have fun!! :smiley:


That’s a super cool plan! Most of my workout is based on relatively long period just as I list in the table. Never try short springs. Not sure I could finish them.

I would like to translate it into outdoor training protocol and test it.

But, I don’t have a trainer. I train myself using TR plan exclusively outdoor even temperature below -20C.

Weidro. I want nothing more to do with your crazy life!! :joy:


Data is data. It’s definitely not an effective way to improve my fitness, but there is something behind it. I love cycling and this is my testimony.

I clicked on the All Rides option at the bottom. There were no rides. :upside_down_face:

Is this one of your evil creations?

Wonder what would happen to your fitness if you did that. Like any one of us, reasonably trained but not ultra athletes. Would your just be totally wrecked physically or would there be some benefit after a recovery period?

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Back around podcast 60-70 (maybe) there was once a reference to the ‘Man Plan’. The only thing I remember about it (apart from the guys saying ‘don’t do this’) was that it included Starr King: Log In to TrainerRoad

Sounds like the Chris Horner plan. He described doing these years ago.

combine some of those days

Yup, it is. I made 7 variations, a different one for each day; if it’s going to kill me, might as well keep it interesting! I had it scheduled to do in 3 weeks time, 2 weeks before my A race…but I’ve been banned from any type of fun riding and/or racing.

So I guess you’ll have to take the torch and do it for me?? :man_shrugging::thinking::laughing:

Sure thing :+1: (backs away very slowly…)

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@Hewie, you don’t get that elevation doing 100 miles a day on ARBT! Averages out to 4725’ per day.

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